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Monday, March 25, 2019
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By accepting the terms below and using the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program, you agree that you have read, are aware of, and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use as they relate to your use of the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program. 


1.     Definitions.  For the purposes of these Terms of Use and your use of the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program, the following terms will have the following meanings:


“Agreement” means these Terms of Use, together with the Handbook and, if applicable, the Parent/Guardian Consent Form.


“Application” means the application that you submitted or will submit to Enterprise CarShare® for membership in the Car Sharing Program. 


“Authorized Driver” means you and, with your permission, your spouse if he or she meets the minimum age, license and other Enterprise CarShare® requirements.


“Authorized State” means the geographic boundaries of the State where the Vehicle is located at the start of the Car Share Period and any bordering state within the United States.


“Business Use Car Share Period” means the period between the time you take possession or should have taken possession of the Vehicle and the time you should have returned the Vehicle to the designated Car Share location and secured the Vehicle as required by Enterprise CarShare®


“Car Share Period” means the period between the time you take possession or should have taken possession of the Vehicle and the time you should have returned the Vehicle to the designated Car Share location and secured the Vehicle as required by Enterprise CarShare®. 


“Car Sharing Program” means the car sharing program offered by Enterprise CarShare® under the Agreement. 


“Charges” means any amount that you owe to Enterprise CarShare® or that Enterprise CarShare® bills to you, including applicable taxes and other fees, charges, and penalties, as described in these Terms of Use.


“Handbook” means the electronic or hard copy booklet available to or provided to you, as may be amended from time to time by Enterprise CarShare® in its sole discretion, detailing the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program available to you.  A copy of the Handbook is accessible at http://www.enterprisecarshare.com/us-policies and is incorporated into these Terms of Use by reference herein.


“Monthly Use Plan” means the amount you agree in writing to pay Enterprise CarShare® on a monthly basis, in return for a specified level of use of the Vehicle, as part of the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program.


“Personal Car Share Period” means the period between the time you take possession or should have taken possession of the Vehicle and the time you should have returned the Vehicle to the designated Car Share location and secured the Vehicle as required by Enterprise CarShare®


“Vehicle” means the Vehicle you reserved or any replacement vehicle(s) provided to you by Enterprise CarShare®.


“Enterprise CarShare®” means the local Enterprise-affiliated entity, and its successors and assigns, responsible for administering the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program in your area.


“You” and “your” refers to the person or entity identified on the Application and/or the Agreement and who also meets the minimum age, license and other Enterprise CarShare® requirements.


2.     Ownership/Vehicle Condition/Warranty Exclusion. 


a.     You acknowledge that the Vehicle belongs to Enterprise CarShare®, even though another name may appear on the Vehicle’s registration or title.  






d.    You must not alter the Vehicle’s condition in any way.  You agree to return the Vehicle to its designated parking spot on or before the date and time Enterprise CarShare® tells you.  You must return the Vehicle in the same condition as you received it, except for ordinary wear and tear.  You must stop operating the Vehicle and notify Enterprise CarShare® immediately if you think that the Vehicle is unsafe. 


3.     Your Payment(s).  You agree that Enterprise CarShare® can bill you by electronic mail sent to the e-mail address you provide to Enterprise CarShare®.  You will pay Enterprise CarShare® for the following expenses when due:


a.     The Charges incurred for your Car Share Period or your Monthly Use Plan, if applicable.  All such Charges will be as calculated by Enterprise CarShare® and billed to you.  Hourly Charges, exclusive of penalties or other fees described in these Terms of Use, for a single day’s use will not exceed the Charge for a single day.


b.    The Mileage Charge per mile for all miles travelled by the Vehicle (exceeding any free miles you may have for the Car Share Period).


c.     Other Charges will include:


1)         An Application Fee of up to $20.00.


2)         A Membership Fee of up to $50.00.


3)         A Late Fee of up to $50.00. 


4)         Additional Charges and Fees for any additional hourly Charges you may incur, plus up to $100.00 to accommodate the next member needing that Vehicle (including such things as taxi fare) if you are late in returning the Vehicle to Enterprise CarShare®.


5)         Failure to Refuel Fee of up to $30.00 if you return the Vehicle with less than ¼ of a tank of gas.


6)         Wrong location/Vehicle Recovery Fee equal to the greater of $100.00 or $.50 per mile (between the actual return location and the assigned return location) if you do not return the Vehicle to the original assigned parking space.


7)         Unauthorized Driver Fee in the amount of all fines, damages and repair costs Enterprise CarShare® incurs because an unauthorized driver operates the Vehicle.  Please refer to Paragraph 12 for your additional responsibility in this regard.


8)         Smoking Fee of up $250.00.


9)         Pet Occupancy Fee of up to $250.00.


10)      Cleaning Fee of up to $50.00 if you leave the Vehicle in a dirty condition.  This Cleaning Fee covers Charges for Vehicle cleaning associated with (but not limited to) smoking and other odor removal, pet occupancy or other removal of your personal property.  The Cleaning Fee does not include any fee associated with your violation of these Terms of Use.  Any such fee(s) will be separate from, and in addition to, the Cleaning Fee. 


11)      Ignition Key Replacement Fee of up to $250.00.


12)      Key Fob Replacement Fee of up to $50.00.


13)      Ticket and Citation Fees of up to $50.00 per parking ticket or other non-moving or moving violation (not due to the mechanical condition of the Vehicle).  You are responsible for paying or otherwise resolving all parking tickets and all toll or other violations and citations incurred during your Car Share Period.  Enterprise CarShare® will charge you a Towing Fee of up to $100.00, plus towing costs and Vehicle Recovery Fees, if the Vehicle is towed while parked illegally.


14)      Cancellation Fee - If a Member cancels or shortens a reservation less than 3 hours before the start of the reservation, a Cancellation Fee of the lesser of 3 hours or the actual reservation time plus applicable taxes and fees may be charged.  If a Member shortens a trip after the start of the reservation, a Cancellation Fee of the lesser of 3 hours or the remaining reservation time plus applicable taxes and fees may be charged. 


d.   Enterprise CarShare® will first apply or credit all amounts that you pay to Enterprise CarShare® under your Monthly Use Plan, if any, to past Charges that you owe.  Enterprise CarShare® will then apply or credit any remaining amounts to current and future Charges for use of the Vehicle during your Car Share Period. 


4.     Limits on Use and Termination of Right to Use.


a.      You agree to the limitations on use of the Vehicle under the Car Sharing Program set forth below and in the Handbook, which include, but are not limited to, the following:


1)      Only an Authorized Driver may operate the Vehicle.


2)      No one may use the Vehicle to transport people or property in exchange for a fee. 


3)      No one may use or operate the Vehicle: for any illegal purpose; in an illegal or reckless manner; in a race or speed contest; or to tow or push anything; or for the illegal transportation of explosives, chemicals, corrosives or other hazardous materials or pollutants of any kind or nature. 


4)      No one may operate the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicants, or drugs, whether used with or without a prescription.


5)      No one may take or drive the Vehicle outside of the Authorized State(s) or drive on an unpaved road or off-road without Enterprise CarShare®’s prior written approval.


6)      No one may use the Vehicle to carry passengers in excess of the number of seat belts provided by the Vehicle manufacturer.


7)      You may only remove from the Vehicle those items that you own or are authorized to remove.


8)      No one who has provided a fictitious name, false address, or false or invalid driver’s license; whose driver’s license becomes invalid any time after membership is approved; who has obtained the keys to the Vehicle without Enterprise CarShare®’s permission; or who misrepresents or withholds material facts to or from Enterprise CarShare® will be permitted to operate the Vehicle.


b.      Enterprise CarShare® automatically, without any further notice to you, may terminate your right to use the Vehicle and your membership in the Car Sharing Program in the event of any violation of the limits on use or any other provision of these Terms of Use or the limits on use set forth in the Handbook.  Enterprise CarShare® also retains any other rights and remedies provided by law, including, but not limited to, the right to seize the Vehicle without telling you or going to court.  You waive all claims that you may have for damages relating to any such seizure.  You agree to pay all expenses Enterprise CarShare® incurs in repossessing the Vehicle.


c.      If you continue to operate the Vehicle after your right to do so terminates, then Enterprise CarShare® has the right to notify law enforcement authorities that the Vehicle has been stolen.  You agree to release and discharge Enterprise CarShare® from any liability arising from such notification and repossession of the Vehicle.  Further, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold Enterprise CarShare® harmless against any such liability.


5.     Accidents.  When operating the Vehicle, you will exercise caution and care at all times.  You must immediately report to Enterprise CarShare® any accident involving the Vehicle, as provided in the Handbook, no matter who was at fault or how serious it is.  You must fully cooperate with Enterprise CarShare® and/or its insurer or claims handler(s) in the investigation and resolution of any claims arising during the Car Share Period.  You will be required to pay additional charges and fees, and Enterprise CarShare® may terminate your membership, if you fail to immediately report any accident and/or cooperate in any investigation and resolution.  Refer to THE Handbook for what to do in case of an accident.


6.     Responsibility to Third Parties.  Enterprise CarShare® complies with applicable motor vehicle financial responsibility laws as a state-certified self-insurer, bondholder, or cash depositor.  If you comply with these Terms of Use and are at least 21 years old, Enterprise CarShare® will generally respond on your behalf to claims for property damage or bodily injury from other parties up to the applicable state minimum financial responsibility limits that relate to your use or operation of the Vehicle.  You will be responsible for any amounts over these limits and you may be responsible for all liability depending upon the nature of the incident.  SEE PARAGRAPH 12. 


If you are between 18 and 20 years of age, or if you violate these Terms of Use, then you will be required to pay for all damages suffered by anyone else (whether bodily injury, property damage or otherwise) that relate to your use or operation of the Vehicle.  If you are between 18 and 20 years of age, you must obtain and maintain your own primary insurance coverage for the Vehicle.  If you are between 18 and 20 years of age, you must provide Enterprise CarShare® with a fully executed copy of a Parent/Guardian Consent Form, a copy of which you can be found at join@enterprisecarshare.com and will be provided upon request to EnterpriseCarShare®.


Unless required by law, Liability Protection described above excludes any protection afforded under: first party benefits; personal injury protection; medical payments; and no-fault. No coverage described herein is provided for physical damage to, or theft of, the Enterprise CarShare Vehicle or the contents thereof. 

7.     Your Indemnification of Enterprise CarShare®.  You will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Enterprise CarShare®, its parent and affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees, shareholders, agents, attorneys, assigns and successors-in-interest, from any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, costs, attorney fees, and other expenses that Enterprise CarShare® incurs in any manner from the Car Sharing Program and based upon your failure to comply with these Terms of Use, or from the use of the Vehicle by you or anyone else, including claims of, or liabilities to, third parties.  You may present a claim to your insurance carrier for such events or losses; but in any event, you will have final responsibility to Enterprise CarShare® for all such losses.  This obligation may be limited to the extent the waiver of damage responsibility and responsibility to third parties applies as set forth in these Terms of Use.  REFER TO PARAGRAPHS 6 and 12 for limitations on your indemnification obligations.


8.     Personal Property.  Enterprise CarShare® is not responsible for any damage to or any loss or theft of any personal property, whether the damage or theft occurs during or after the Car Share Period, even if Enterprise CarShare® is at fault or negligent. 


9.     Third Party Proceeds.  If a third party, including, but not limited to, an insurance company, authorizes payment of any amount you owe, you must assign your right to receive that payment to Enterprise CarShare®. Only those amounts a third party actually pays to Enterprise CarShare® will reduce the amount you otherwise owe to Enterprise CarShare®.


10.  Severability.  If any provision of these Terms of Use is determined to be unlawful, contrary to public policy, void or otherwise unenforceable, then all remaining provisions will continue in full force and effect.  Any such provision will be applied or modified in a way that makes the provision consistent with law or public policy, as applicable.


11.  Limitation of Remedy/No Consequential Damages.  If Enterprise CarShare® breaches any of its obligations under the Agreement and/or if the Vehicle has any mechanical failure or any other failure, which you did not cause, and if Enterprise CarShare® is liable under applicable law for that breach or Vehicle failure, then Enterprise CarShare®’s sole liability to you and your sole remedy is limited to the substitution of another similar Vehicle by Enterprise CarShare® and to your recovery of the pro rata hourly/overnight/daily Charges for the period in which you did not have use of the Vehicle or substitute Vehicle.  YOU WAIVE ALL CLAIMS FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE, AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES THAT MIGHT OTHERWISE BE AVAILABLE TO YOU.  SUCH DAMAGES ARE EXCLUDED AND NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU.


12.  Damage Responsibility.  If the Vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen, you will not have any liability or responsibility to Enterprise CarShare® other than the amount of the $250 deductible or other retained responsibility, if any, UNLESS one of the EXCLUSIONS described below applies. 


EXCLUSIONS:  You will be responsible completely responsible for ALL damages, and Enterprise CarShare® will not have any liability or responsibility IF any of the following applies:


a.     The damage is caused intentionally or as a result of willful and wanton misconduct by an Authorized Driver;


b.    The damage arises out of the operation of the Vehicle by an Authorized Driver while intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal or unauthorized drug or prescribed medication that should not be taken during operation of a vehicle;


c.     Any transaction for a Car Share Period based on fraudulent information you supplied;


d.    The damage arises out of the use of the Vehicle by an Authorized Driver while committing or otherwise engaged in a criminal act in which the use of the Vehicle is related to the criminal activity;


e.     The damage arises out of the use of the Vehicle to carry any person or property for a fee;


f.     The damage occurs while the Vehicle is operated by someone other than an Authorized Driver; 


g.    The damage arises from the use of the Vehicle outside the Authorized State(s);


h.     The damage arises from towing or pushing anything;


i.      The damage arises from the operation of the Vehicle on an unpaved road; or


j.      The damage or loss of the Vehicle is due to theft of the Vehicle during the Car Share Period.  However, you will not have any liability to Enterprise CarShare® for any loss in excess of the retained responsibility limit, as set forth on the Member Protection Disclaimer, due to theft of the Vehicle if:


1)     You have possession of the original ignition key furnished by Enterprise CarShare®, 


2)     You notify Enterprise CarShare® of the incident and file an official report of the theft with the police or other law enforcement agency within 24 hours of learning of the theft, and


3)     You cooperate fully with Enterprise CarShare®, police and other authorities in all matters connected with the investigation of the theft.


If one or more exclusion applies, or if the amount of the damage is less than your retained responsibility limit, then you will be responsible for all damage to and loss or theft of the Vehicle, or any part or accessory of the Vehicle, regardless of whether you or anyone else is at fault or negligent, and regardless of whether due to an act of God.  If that happens, you will be required to pay Enterprise CarShare® the amount necessary to repair the Vehicle.  You may not have the Vehicle repaired without prior written permission from Enterprise CarShare®.  You must pay Enterprise CarShare® the fair market value, minus any sale proceeds, if the Vehicle is stolen and not recovered or if Enterprise CarShare® determines that it cannot salvage the Vehicle.  You will also be responsible for:  (i) loss of use, (ii) claim administrative fees, (iii) diminishment of value, (iv) towing, (v) storage or impound fees, and (vi) other costs incurred by Enterprise CarShare® to recover the Vehicle and to establish damage amounts.


13.  Mobility Devices.  Mobility devices, including left hand controls with spinner knobs, left foot accelerators and pedal extenders, are available at no additional Charge to you. Due to the unique nature of Enterprise CarShare®’s services and the fact that mobility devices require installation, you must contact a Enterprise CarShare® service representative by telephone, available 24 hours a day, at 1-877-493-2270, to make a reservation.  Please indicate to the representative your status as a “Enterprise CarShare® Member” in order to receive the appropriate information.  Enterprise CarShare® requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to reserve a Vehicle with mobility devices. Please note that mobility device-equipped Vehicles may be provided by an affiliate of Enterprise CarShare® and Enterprise Holdings, Inc.  A Enterprise CarShare® or Enterprise representative will arrange for the delivery and return of the Vehicle.  Additional Enterprise CarShare® terms will apply to rentals equipped with mobility devices.






14.  Telematics Notice and Release.  


a.     The Vehicle may be equipped with a global positioning system (GPS) device, OnStar® or another telematics system.  The Vehicle may also be equipped with an Event Data Recorder (EDR) installed by the manufacturer for the purpose of recording data about the operation of the Vehicle.  You acknowledge that such systems use cellular telephone and/or radio signals to transmit data and communications. Therefore, Enterprise CarShare® cannot guarantee your privacy


b.    You authorize the use, disclosure of, and/or access to call location information about you or the Vehicle, automatic crash notification to any person for use in the operation of an automatic crash notification system and use of the Vehicle location system. Refer to the Handbook for more information about the devices equipped in the Vehicle. By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you acknowledge receipt of the telematics notice provided in this paragraph and consent to Enterprise CarShare® or its representatives retrieving and using such data from the EDR, GPS or other telematics systems in the Vehicle.  


c.     You release Enterprise CarShare®, the operator of any telematics systems, wireless carrier(s) and other suppliers of components or services and their respective employees, officers, directors and agents from any damage (including incidental and/or consequential damages) to persons (including, but not limited to, you) or property caused by any failure of the telematics system to operate properly. Third-party service providers are not agents, employees, or contractors of Enterprise CarShare®. 


d.    For additional limitations concerning warranty, privacy and performance of the telematics system in the Vehicle, contact the telematics provider. The Vehicle may also record certain driving activities or actions, locations traveled and mileage driven, as well as other Vehicle data. You acknowledge that such data may be recorded and that Enterprise CarShare® will  be entitled to access and use the same.


15.  Headings. The headings of the numbered paragraphs of these Terms of Use are for convenience only.  The headings are not part of these Terms of Use and do not in any way limit, modify or amplify the substance of these Terms of Use.


16.  Release of Information to/from Third Parties.  You agree that Enterprise CarShare® may, and you expressly authorizes Enterprise CarShare® to, provide information in Enterprise CarShare®’s possession about you, including, but not limited to, your name, address and driver’s license information to: applicable authorities, where solicited; and/or applicable authorities or other third parties, in connection with Enterprise CarShare®’s enforcement of its rights under the Agreement. If applicable, you authorize Enterprise CarShare® to verify and/or obtain (through one or more credit agencies or other sources) your driver licensure status, personal credit and/or insurance information in order to confirm your eligibility for the Car Sharing Program and/or Car Share Period.


17.  Choice of Law.  All items of the Agreement will be interpreted, construed and enforced pursuant to the law of the State where the Vehicle is located at the start of the Car Share Period.


18.  Qualifications. You must reserve a Vehicle in advance through the designated website as stated in the Handbook.  You must meet the Enterprise CarShare® normal driver and other qualifications as stated in the Handbook.  In submitting the Enterprise CarShare® Application, you certify that you are (i) of the requisite minimum age; and (ii) the holder of a valid driver’s license, which is not suspended, confiscated, revoked, expired or otherwise invalid. If, at any time, your driver’s license is suspended, confiscated, revoked or expired or if there is a change in its status, you must immediately notify Enterprise CarShare® and you will not be authorized to operate or reserve any Enterprise CarShare® Vehicle unless so authorized by Enterprise CarShare®. 


19.  Privacy.  Enterprise CarShare® is committed to protecting your privacy.  Enterprise CarShare® restricts access to nonpublic personal information about you to those employees and other parties affiliated with Enterprise CarShare® who need to know that information to provide Enterprise CarShare® products or services.  Their right to further disclose and use the information is limited by: (i) the Enterprise CarShare® Privacy Policy, a copy of which you may access at http://www.enterprise.com/Enterprise CarShare/privacyPolicy.html; (ii) the employee code of conduct; (iii) applicable law; and (iv) third-party nondisclosure agreements. Enterprise CarShare® maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard nonpublic personal Information from unauthorized dissemination. 


20.  Termination without Cause.  You may terminate your membership in the Car Sharing Program without cause at any time by providing written notice of termination to Enterprise CarShare®.  Enterprise CarShare® may terminate your membership in the Car Sharing Program without cause upon not less than 15 days’ prior written notice.  Even though your membership may have been terminated, you will remain liable for all Charges and Fees, including, but not limited to, account balances and any damages and penalties, that you incurred through the date of termination or upon later discovery by Enterprise CarShare® after termination.  Enterprise CarShare® will refund to you any amounts paid in advance to Enterprise CarShare® by you or on your behalf that are not otherwise needed to satisfy outstanding Charges or Fees.


21.  Terms of Use, Handbook and Parental Consent Form(s).  The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and Enterprise CarShare® and will become a binding agreement upon your acceptance.  You expressly acknowledge that you and Enterprise CarShare® are the only parties to the Agreement.  Enterprise CarShare®’s continued approval of your membership in the Car Sharing Program is subject to the use restrictions and your timely payment of any applicable Charges, including the Fees and/or penalties, and other approvals required by the Agreement. The Agreement, including, but not limited to, all Charges, Fees and rates related to the Enterprise CarShare® Car Sharing Program, may change in Enterprise CarShare®'s sole discretion, with or without notice to you.


22.  Costs and Charges of Collection.  You will pay to Enterprise CarShare®, on demand, any and all costs, fees and expenses (including all attorneys’ fees and collection costs) that may be incurred by or imposed upon Enterprise CarShare® in enforcing any term, condition and/or right against you under the Agreement, including, but not limited to, all other Charges and Fees due to Enterprise CarShare®.


23.  Conflicts.  In the event of any conflict between these Terms of Use and any other portion of the Agreement, these Terms of Use will govern, except as otherwise set forth by Enterprise CarShare® in writing.


  I understand and accept
By clicking "I AGREE" Member hereby authorizes Enterprise CarShare  or its third-party provider to perform a verification of Member's driver's license status through electronic checks or other means, as set forth in the Consent to Driving Records Check provision of the Terms of Use, in order to obtain and use such information in regard to Member's eligibility or continued eligibility for the Enterprise CarShare Program.

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